webthree - Internet, Marketing, Java


webthree is a metadata framework that plugs into Apache OJB to ease the development of backend based webapplications. At this time a formcontroller based on a datadictionary is implemented and running.

Apache Software License.

project goals

  1. help writing webbased CRUD applications with rich backends like SAPTM
  2. make use of Apache OJB and HSQLDB (=what's allready good and out there)
  3. allow an environment that eases development (form framework)
  4. support a build that optimizes perfomance

what is different

  1. distinction between development and runtime (different demands)
  2. strong background with ERP
  3. the foundation of the code is working.

next steps

  1. make an overall grafic to illustrate use case
  2. polish interfaces
  3. make a milestone plan

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